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Baby Fashion Trends for 2021


Keep Your Fashionista in Style With These 2021 Fashion Trends

journey of brothers2021 is here, which means a new season of fashion fabulousness, let’s make sure we keep on trend! Just because we can’t leave the house doesn’t mean we can’t look fab. Here at Ziggle we love all things fashion, especially for little ones. From colours to prints and outfits to accessories, we have done the research for you, so you don’t have to. Keep on reading to find out the 2021 fashion trends you need for your little ones  this year. Don’t forget to let us know your favourites by commenting over on our Instagram!

Let’s get right into it…kayceesworld - rosie cloud 3

Colours, but make it muted! It’s about the colours in 2021 fashion trends for your little ones. Muted tones are huge. From blues and greens to pinks and berry-tones you can’t go wrong when they’re muted. Also huge on the colour palette is your browns, beige/creams and yellows. These colours are all easy to mix and match because they are all of the same muted tone. This is great because if your little one makes a mess of their top, it’s easy to pair another one to their stylish outfit! We have some great items that fit these colour trends from our Rosie Cloud Range of muted pink and grey or our Pattern Boutique Bib Set to our Stylish Greys Bib Set and our Cosatto Muslins

Next up is accessories. Now, it’s not always the easiest to accessories a baby’s outfit. They can become agitated easily or quite frankly, just pull it off (the amount of socks i’ve lost). However, it can be easy to accessories outfits with things like headbands/bows. Fitting the trends, we also sell some gorgeous headbands that are super fashionable but they are stretchy, soft and kind to baby’s head which stops them getting agitated by them. We have sets of 3 Head Bows or single Top Bow Turban Headbands.

Finally for my favorite fashion trend of 20201, animals.  Not only are animals the perfect friend for your little one, but they are such a fun and easy way to add character to their outfit. From cozy animal blankets to stylish elephant bibs,  Ziggle have a great selection for you to incorporate the latest trend into your littles ones everyday needs. mummy_and_archie - grey and white animals blanket (1)

One trend that will never go out of style here at Ziggle is the quality of our clothing! our clothes are made ethically and made vegan friendly you can always count on us to delivery high quality products for your littles ones.

Is there any 2021 trend that we have missed? Let us know over on our Instagram  

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