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Getting Baby To Sleep During Summer

sleep during summer

Getting Baby To Sleep During Summer

With summer almost in full swing so are the hot sleepless nights! And if it isn’t stressful enough trying to get yourself to sleep, try adding a hot, restless baby into the mix. We know the struggle mamas and that’s why we are here to help! We’ve put together our tips and tricks to help your little one get sound to sleep during these hot summer nights!

Room temperature

The best temperature for your little one’s room to be is between 16-20°C. If their room is above this it’s important to dress them in light layers, a nappy and a thin vest should do just fine. However, if its super hot (25°C or over) dressing your little one in just a nappy should do the trick.

Keeping their room cool

When it comes to keeping their room cool there are little things you can do to help such as:

  • Keeping their cot out of direct sun light.
  • Closing the curtains or blinds during the day.
  • Try using a fan in the room your baby sleeps in but don’t point it directly at your baby. If you use a fan, try to keep the door/window open as the room can actually become hotter if not.
  • Large bottles of frozen water (1litre plus), placed in the baby’s room may help to cool the air as they melt overnight.


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Blankets / Bedding

Swap your little one’s blanket for something a little thinner, we would recommend a cellular blanket as they are made with lots of holes in them to help regulate their temperature. The holes in a cellular blanket allow air to flow so when baby is sleeping either in their cot, pram or wherever they’ve dropped asleep for their nap, their risk of overheating is reduced.

When out and about with your little one try and keep in the shade or use a clip-on parasol. Make sure not to cover your little ones pram with a blanket as this will only make the inside of the pram very hot. Instead, you can use a cotton muslin as a breathable pram shade.


We hope these tips and tricks help you through hot summer weather!

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Love, Team Ziggle X

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