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5 Top Tips for New Mums

5 Top Tips for New Mums

5 Top Tips for New Mums

Becoming a mum is the beginning of a whole new magical adventure but at times, it can be a little overwhelming. The 4th trimester is full of change, growth, and development and at times it may feel like there’s a lot on your plate… but we’re here to help!

Now we know there’s no shortage of advice for new mums, from award winning parenting books to friends and family and even strangers on the street, there is lots advice to consider! So, we have gathered our top 5 favourite tips from new mums to new mums!

Trust Your Gut!

Trusting your gut is possibly the most important piece of advice you’ll receive as a new mum! Nobody knows your little one as well as you do, and although health professionals know a lot about babies, you know a lot about your baby, so if you feel like something isn’t right, follow your instinct!

Be prepared

Having a little one can mean that disaster can strike at any time, so it’s best to always be prepared. We’d recommend keeping all your baby essentials close to hand, whether it be in a nappy bag you take out and about with you, or in a baby caddie you keep in your living room. We would advise filling up your baby caddie/nappy bag with spare nappies, wipes, muslins, and spare baby clothing for those ‘just in case moments’!

And speaking of being prepared… we can’t stress enough how handy muslins really are, they’ve become part of the parent uniform! They are the superhero cloth that should be kept with you at all times. They make perfect mops for any baby sick ups, wipes for dribbly mouths and coverups when you’re out and about breastfeeding (if you wish to cover that is).



Let go of the ‘shoulds’!

Every baby is different and so is every mama! Forget what your baby ‘should’ be doing and what you ‘should’ be doing as a mum. Approach each day as a fresh day with minimal expectations and enjoy your baby as they are today!


new mums



Allow people to help you!

“If someone offers to bring food or watch your baby so you can nap it’s most likely they’ve been in your shoes. Don’t attempt to be Superwoman. You already are. You created and birthed a baby.”

Embrace your new adventure! 

Your little one won’t be so little forever, so embrace your new adventure as a parent! It’s okay not to enjoy every moment and there will be many hard days where you will want to just give up on being a mum but it will get easier and there will be small magical moments that will remind you why being a mum is so wonderful! Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can, you’ll love looking back at them when your little one was tiny!

We hope these tips help you in your first few weeks of motherhood! Let us know any tips you have found useful during your 4th trimester over on our Instagram! And not to worry Dads, we have our favourite top tips for you coming soon.

Love, Team Ziggle X

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