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About Us

About Ziggle

12 years ago I started selling sleepsuits with zips that I had made for my wriggly baby daughter… as I thought other parents might benefit too!

Fast forward to 2024 and my aim is still to enable parents to afford attractive looking products that make parenting babies easier. From cute and cuddly, to plain and subtle, to bright and bold, there’s a Ziggle design to suit every outfit and everyone’s tastes.

Designed with parents’ needs in mind, our innovative ranges include:

  • dribble bibs which keep babies drier for longer
  • zipped suits which take the stress out of changing
  • large muslins and swaddles for multiple uses
  • leggings that fit cloth nappies with fun characters on the bottom
  • anti-slip socks that stay on
  • soft and stretchy hairbows
  • stylish knitted blankets, bath towels and swim ponchos

Ziggle’s multi-award winning products are beautifully presented to make wonderful gifts too.

What’s important at Ziggle?

Be helpful – we treasure our customers and want you to enjoy shopping with us.

We want parents to love being part of our Ziggle community, a place for inspiration, fun and support during babies first years.

Do the right thing
– a commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility is core to how we do things at Ziggle.

We love the motto “Treat others the way you’d want to be treated”.

Our research –
Having worked in market research for 15 years, I am passionate about hearing feedback from parents. Thank you to every parent who’s helped us on our journey over the last 12 years. We’ve had countless chats at baby shows, mums and tots groups, on social and at research groups.

We wouldn’t have got this far without your continued interest and support, thanks a million!

We’d love more parents to get involved with our research. It’s fun and comes with benefits! Please get in touch for more info:

Nicole Graham, Founder