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Activities To Do At Home

Activities to do at Home

Sometimes it can be hard to entertain little ones when you are stuck inside, here are some ideas to help!

What week are we on? What day is it? Who knows at this point!? Like everyone, we are keeping safe and staying home during this uncertain time. It’s not easy and there are times we can struggle however this is a time that we can spend with our families, have fun and create positive memories that you and your little ones will never forget. We wanted to give you some of our ideas of fun activities you can do in the comfort of your own home that will put big smiles on little faces.


Making a Den


We’re not even saving the best until last… this is our fave! Making a den is a timeless classic activity to do and we lovedens it! Making a den when we were younger was the best thing, but they weren’t made as glamourous as they are these days (I’m talking we just used the sofa cushions and an old blanket). You can make the most magical dens now that are perfect for hanging out in or giving your little ones that space they need in a safe place in the house. Use sheets, fairy lights and something structural and safe to hold it together, then fill with cosy blankets and cushions for ultimate cosyness! Angle your den towards your tv or bring in an iPad or something they can watch and have a cosy movie afternoon. If you are lucky to have a garden, you could even make your den outside and have it as a place to shade from the sun and chill in the great outdoors!


Make an Assault Course


Being in the house all day, little ones have lots of energy to burn off. Assault courses are so fun, can spark some healthy competition and can allow people to get creative while making the course! This can be done in the house or garden and can be a long-lasting activity because you can change up each different course and keep a family score board… hours of fun!


Baking and Cooking


Now, we know during the lockdown this has been a very popular choice, the loo roll isles are now stocked but the baking isles are empty! There is no need to worry, there are lots of alternative ways and things to bake! You could play fancy dress and make little chef outfits and play Great British Bake off with what you create! If you really can’t find baking equipment Or instead of baking, plan a meal to cook for tea, something easy that they could do or help with and make the tea together.


Rice Play

Rice play is great because you can be so creative in so many different ways! To make it colourful you can use food colouring! Make piles of each colour, mix them all together etc. You can fill empty bottles and make musical instruments or if your little ones’ love discovering you can fill a bowl with rice and hide items in for them to find! It can be a lovely sensory exercise for little ones, they can put their hands or feet in and listen to the soft sound the rice ricemakes as it is swirled around. When you have finished with the sensory activities you can use the rice to make pictures with paper and glue!

Make Your Own Film/ Vlog

What child these days doesn’t love YouTube or watching films!? Make your own! You don’t have to post it anywhere of course, but the process can be so fun and educational for little ones. Give a smart phone, or anything with a camera and let them film whatever they want; vlogs, dances, interviews or even a little tape about being in lockdown! Then piece it all together in a free editing app and you have a lovely memory to keep forever.


There is so much you can do at home, we know it can be hard to pace them all especially as we are stuck in for the foreseeable! If you have any other fun ideas make sure you leave them in the comments of our latest Instagram post so we can all share our ideas. We’ll get through this together!

Don’t forget! We are raising money for The Rainbow Trust, a charity that works hard with severely ill children and are still working hard through the Covid-19 pandemic. To raise money all you have to do is post a picture of your little one wearing one of our rainbow or brightly coloured bibs. For every pictured we see in our stories, dm’s or are tagged in we will donate 20p to The Rainbow Trust. The more pictures, the more money!


Stay home, stay safe!


Love, Team Ziggle x

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