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Autism Awareness Month

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April is Autism awareness month! Read to find out our experience.

Autism is something very close to our hearts here at Ziggle. We wanted to write about our experience and raise awareness.


Autism is a learning disability, that has characteristics such as difficulty with socializing and communication, repetitive behaviours and having specific routines. Signs of autism in a child often develop gradually and are usually recognised in the first 3 years of their life by some characteristics or if they aren’t reaching some milestones at a regular pace. Autism is a huge spectrum and can have highly different impacts on each individual who has it.


Routine is incredibly important to little ones who have autism and with everything going on in the world, maintaining that routine is increasingly difficult. We have experience as care workers and parents of children who have autism and wanted to share any advice, we have to help parents are carers, caring for a child with autism.


I have over 3 years’ experience of working with adults and children who have autism and understand that explaining to someone who has autism what is happening in the world could be incredibly difficult. A great way to communicate in a clear and understandable way would be through image cars, also knows as PECS cards. Below is an image story using cards that you can use to explain the situation and why we aren’t able to go outside at the moment. I found this one on Space 4 Autism which is based in Cheshire but there are lots online you could find.


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It is important to keep children with autism stimulated as challenging behaviour can occur through boredom and routine change, different activities can be welcome distractions and put smiles on beautiful faces. I have found that sensory activities are a big yes for adults and children with autism, the messier the better! Be it paint, slime or water play, sensory play is so great. It can help to have a selection of activities set out and give little ones a choice between activities and give them a feel of independence as they can choose which one they want to do.


Autism is a complex, fascinating condition that unfortunately has a lot of untrue stigma around it. For Autism Awareness Month, we would love to encourage everyone to learn a bit more about the condition and spread awareness.


If you have any tips and tricks please comment on our Autism Awareness post on Instagram or facebook.


Love, Chloe @ Team Ziggle x


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