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Baby Stories To Make You Smile

reeesized Baby Stories That Will Make You Smile

If you want a smile or a little giggle, this is the post for you.

A few days ago, it was world baby day so what better way to celebrate than with some stories that will make your heart go fuzzy or give you a little giggle! At the moment, the world is going through a tough time and it can be tough to digest. Being stuck inside can be incredibly hard-going, but for a lot of us, little ones close to our hearts have kept us smiling. We have collaborated with some friends of Ziggle to share stories that will put some smiles on your faces! We would love you to share yours too! If you have a story you want to share please feel free to comment on our Facebook or Instagram posts for this blog post.



We all have baby poo stories, because let’s face it… babies poo… a lot. This one from Hayley Tamaddon is pretty impressive though…

“Everyday I have a bath with jasper.. It’s something I’ve done from the start. He loves the water and so do I so we bath every day together . He’s had constipation for a few day’s as we are introducing him to new foods and hasn’t had a poo… until last night! Ade passed him to me in the bath like usual and I put one hand under his bottom to hold him. He started to kick his legs and have a splash.. hen he stopped and I could feel him get all tense… til I realised what he was doing…. he was trying to have a poo! I shouted ade and he ran in and took jasper off me.. except the poo was half hanging out… and coz he hadn’t been for a few days it was huge!! so he held him over the bath and I caught the poo in my hand! Oh my god! I mean… We couldn’t stop laughing! Now when he gets in the bath we always wait a second – just incase he does it again!”

Definitely a wise choice!



The joys of baby learning new things…

“Elenie is just over 3 months old and is now experimenting with new sounds. I started making a ‘blah’ sound while sticking my tongue out- basically this >>😝- she has now started to copy this and associates me with this- so every time I walk in the room, she looks at me and goes ‘blah 😝’ while sticking her tongue out at me….. every time 😂 always makes me laugh 😂”



“It was such a worry for me how Sienna would react to having a sibling whilst she was still a baby herself. From the minute we brought Cruz back from the hospital Sienna has been in her element, a little mother in the making. She gives him toys to play with, calls for mummy and daddy if he is sad, tells mummy when she thinks he wants milk, taps his back to wind him and strokes his head to relax him. With Sienna’s language beginning to develop, she’s even been teaching Cruz how to count… “One, coo, free, four”. 🤣🙈 Kids say the funniest things!”

There is nothing cuter than sibling love!



“Having 2 babies close in age was the best (surprise) thing we ever did, 14months between them, the oldest just turning 2. I love that each day they grow closer to each other and the way the look at each other, i just know they’re going to be the best of friends when they’re older. When the littlest is crying, the older one goes over and taps her on the head and goes ‘awwww you ok’ it makes me all mushy inside. Having 3 children at a fairly young age (19) was the best decision I made in life. They are what makes me, me and I wouldn’t be the same without any one of them. Oliver, Piper & Iona Boxley ❣”

That one definitely gave us a warm fuzzy feeling and a big smile!



“When everything around me might have been a little scary. There was one thing, well two things, that made me smile each day, regardless of anything happening in the outside world . My two babies. I’m sure a lot of us parents would agree, that without them, this would have been a little tougher. So happy, so innocent , so unaware, so unaffected. They have just continued their little lives as normal. Having the opportunity to spend all their time together i saw their relationship blossom. It makes me so happy to see my baby girl copy her big brother each day, for him to finally have a play time partner, a bed time buddy, a meal time companion and little friend for life.”



“Charlie and Lily… I could talk all day about the little things they do together or separately they do that makes me smile laugh cry… and shout. While I’m writing this I’m sat watching my little people play together in the garden. I can’t help but shake my head and want to shout cry and laugh. Lily has just tried to start a fight with her brother god she winds him up. However Charlie’s been a good big brother and taken it on the chin (literally) I love watching him take every chunter she makes in and tries so hard to be nice and play nice he’s such a good big brother you see! He is once you get past the fact he’s just pushed her over. They have such a love hate relationship that me and my own brother had as kids and all though I hate them fighting I can’t help but laugh like really laugh at them. They fight so much but if I tell one of them off, the other shouts at me! Funny little things aren’t they?!”



“Lockdown has definitely been a shock to the system, never have I been forced to stay indoors but you know what, I am just totally making the most of it and pretending it’s a better paid maternity leave number 2! Francesca is absolutely loving having mummy home 24/7 and just watching her come on is truly amazing. We’ve mastered the transition from a cot to a toddler bed and in the morning, she comes into my room for cuddles in my bed which is just the best thing ever! 🥰”

Sometimes as a parent, watching your little one develop and grown that gives you the biggest smile and the most pride!



“One thing isolation has taught me is that Sunday-Jane, my little baby is not so much a baby anymore but a little person, with a little personality. Due to being very poorly last year and having very bad anxiety with people, she has completely bloomed and grown. We live in a ground floor flat and everyday Sunday stands at the window waiting for people to walk past. She dances, she waves, she claps, she sings and tries to kiss our neighbours through the window. Our neighbours little girl has Sunday in stitches whilst doing silly things outside for her. Our family members come along to dance and sing with Sunday which is so lovely for us all. Every single morning without fail when she wakes up, she’ll run straight to the sofa to stand up and look out the window. Even though Sunday is still so little and doesn’t know what’s going on in the world right now, to see her smile, giggle and be happy through all this, is definitely helping me find the positives during this lockdown. I feel like the community, our family and friends have never been so close. I’m super lucky to have the funniest, cutest, most sweetest little isolation partner who is spreading her love and happiness through our window.”

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