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Baby’s First Bath

Baby’s First Bath

Baby’s First Bath : What You’ll Need & How It’s Done

Like a lot of your little one’s first moments, baby’s first bath is going to be special! It’s a perfect way to bond with your baby and will become a time you treasure. But this beautiful bonding time usually comes with a few questions, so we’re here to help! Carry on reading to find out all about baby’s first bath.

When should you begin to bath baby?

If your little one is full term and healthy, you can bath your baby 2 hours after the birth, however, it’s popular for parents to start with top and tailing. This is where you use cotton wool, to wash their hands, face, neck and bottom instead.

How often should you bath baby?

Babies don’t need bathing every day, although if they enjoy them, it’s perfectly fine to. Otherwise, you can bathe your little one 2 to 3 times a week but make sure you to give them a daily clean using the top and tail method.

What you’ll need…

Bathing a wet slippery baby can be quite a task if you’re not used to it, but having the right equipment will definitely make it that bit easier, here’s what you’ll need…

  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby bath sponge/cloth
  • Cotton wool
  • Rinsing cup
  • Soft baby towels
  • Clean clothes & a nappy

Now you’re all prepared, let’s move onto bathing your baby…


Holly_johnston0 terrance tiger towel

How to bath baby

Start by filling up your baby’s bath tub with warm water, the bath should be around 8 to 10 centimeters deep. Once the bathtub is full, it’s important to test the water by dipping your elbow or wrist in the water, making sure it is warm and not hot. You can always use a thermometer to make sure the bath water is 37 degrees Celsius.

Begin washing your little one by holding them on your lap and clean their face with wet cotton wool. Start at the nose and move outwards, cleaning carefully around their eyes. Make sure to use a clean piece of cotton wool for each eye and ear.

Once you have washed your little one’s face, you can begin to wash their hair ( if they have any). To do this, support your little one’s head over the bath and begin washing with water using your cupped hand or rinsing cup to do this. Once their head is all washed, gently dry it using a super soft towel.

Now it’s time to take your little one’s nappy off! Make sure to give their bottom a quick wipe before putting them in the tub. Gently lower your little one in the tub, making sure to support their head and shoulders as well as keeping their head and umbilical cord stump clear of the water. Now you can begin to gently splash water on them or use a baby sponge.

Now your baby is all clean, you can gently lift them out and begin to dry them. We recommend Ziggle super soft hooded towels when drying your baby! Make sure to dry all their creases and folds of the skin before you begin to dress them.


And there you have it, everything you need to know about your little one’s first bath!

Let us know your experiences with your little one’s first bath over on our Instagram!

Love, team Ziggle x

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