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Bank Holiday Activities For You & Your Little One

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Bank Holiday Activities For You & Your Little One

The Bank Holiday is fast approaching, and with lockdown slowly coming to an end we couldn’t be more excited to finally take our little ones on mini adventures and make some memories with them.  Here at Ziggle, we have put together some Fun Bank Holiday Activities, that will keep you and your little one entertained!

The Zoo/Safari Park

Take your cheeky little monkeys out for a wild day out at the Zoo and introduce them to new and exciting animals! Or if it happens to be classic British weather,  stay dry and take your little one to a safari park and let them see the wild animals from the comfort of your car! Visiting the Zoo/ Safari Park is the perfect way to spend a day together as a family. Grandparents, parents, cousins and siblings can all find something to enjoy at the zoo. Make sure to keep your little one extra cosy during their roarsome adventure and dress them in our super cosy Terrence Tiger or Marley Monkey Leggings!

Aquariumthemillerfamily sunglasses

Your little one will love to explore the fascinating and colourful aquatic world and discover new and interesting sea creatures. Nearly every aquarium has a center where both adults and their little one’s can do some hands-on learning. Professionals are usually stationed at every tank ready to teach you about the creatures that you will be holding. Oh and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Nemo whilst you are there!

The Farm

Toddlers Discover and learn through their senses, and what better place to awaken them than a farm? Teach them all about the different textures and what they feel like whilst petting the friendly farm animals. The farm is also a great place for your little one to develop their listening skills by identifying all the Baahs and Moo’s! Don’t forget to look the part whilst visiting the farm by dressing  your little one in our Farmyard bibs.

Soft Play Centerstwo_littlepickles bib

When you think of soft play center’s you might just think of toddlers and Older children, but many have great areas for your little ones to explore. They will love to crawl through the tunnels and play with the blocks, mini slides, and balls to really get their senses going!


Surprisingly, babies can go swimming from any age, even newborns. However, there is no rush if you feel your little one isn’t ready yet! As a guide, you can usually take your baby swimming when they feel comfortable at home in water. But if your little one is comfortable, taking your little one swimming has endless benefits including: Improved coordination and balance, muscle strength and even better sleep. Don’t forget to wrap your little one in a Ziggle towel/poncho to keep them snug as a bug after their little swimming adventure.

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Love, Team Ziggle x

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