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The Benefits of Cellular Blankets

The Benefits of Cellular Blankets

Cellular blankets, they’re great… we want to tell you why!

Cellular blankets are one of our favourites here at Ziggle, we love them so much… we’ve expanded our range!


Our cellular blanket with Grey lining has been a customer favourite for years, and is even award winning! We have now expanded our range to include two more gorgeous designs; a pink trim and a blue trim. These blankets are the perfect gift for expectant parents, baby shower gifts or to treat your little one.


So… what is a cellular blanket and how is it different from normal blankets?

Cellular blankets are super soft and ideal for newborn. They are made with lots of little holes in which have numerous differing benefits. Cellular blankets are often used as part of bedding for newborns so it is important that they are super soft and safe.


What makes Cellular blankets so great?

As cellular blankets are made with lots of holes in them, they help baby regulate their temperature. The holes allow air flow so when baby is sleeping either in their cot, pram or wherever they’ve dropped for their nap their temperature will stay safe and their risk of overheating is reduced. When babies sleep, they can often be wriggly which means there is a risk of the blanket coming over their face, the small holes ensures that baby will be safe if this happens as they can still breathe due to the small holes throughout the blanket.


Cellular blankets are super easy to layer too, if the room is a cooler temperature, cellular blankets are super easy to layer and it is safe.


The icing on the cake is that the blankets are very easy to wash. Little ones are messy, there will easily be milk, spit up, dribble etc that will get on the blanket! Our cellular blankets are machine washable and dry quickly so your little one’s favourite blanket will never be away from them for too long.4I0A2766


Our cellular blanket collection is now made up of 3 gorgeous designs; one with a classic grey trim, one with a soft pink trim and the final with a soft blue trim.


We are celebrating our range extension with a giveaway! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to win a cellular blanket of your choice… Good luck!


Love, Team Ziggle x




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