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Brushing Baby’s Teeth – Hannah at 9 months

Great blog by ‘First Time Mum’s experience of teeth brushing baby Hannah!

Didn’t I just give birth to a tiny newborn yesterday?

Hannah mastered crawling just a few months ago and now she is standing on her own and racing around the house with her walker. And she’s getting into EVERYTHING. Is it bad parenting that I let her get in to the storage container drawer and play with the lids and containers, just so I can prep for dinner? It keeps her occupied and entertained more than her toys!

And she now has a toothy grin. How did she get so many teeth so quickly?  Didn’t we JUST bring her home from the hospital in a newborn sleep suit?  She has five and a half teeth; one is about to break through the gums and two more want to surface! Trying to brush her teeth is a battle. She won’t let mummy or daddy brush them for her. She keeps her mouth clenched shut, bats the toothbrush from our hands and screams her head off. But if we make it a game and allow her to play with the toothbrush, a few strokes will happen here and there. That’s much better than having a baby scream bloody murder because I want her to maintain proper dental hygiene! At this point in her non-stop, mobile life, I’ll take whatever I can get!



Written by: First Time Mum