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How to Dress Your Little One for the Cold

How to Dress Your Little One for the Cold

Dressing your little one for the cold weather can be so difficult, especially for those of us who are here in the North of the UK! We wanted to share some of our top tips with you, to hopefully put your mind at ease and keep baby comfy!

It can be difficult to regulate baby’s temperature especially in the winter; how many layers do they need? Do they need a blanket? Are they warm enough? Are they too cold? It’s difficult to find the answer until your little one is old enough to tell you themselves. However, it’s important to make sure baby is comfortable and cosy as you don’t want an unhappy little one!


Make sure your room is a suitable temperature. The ideal temperatures for babies are between 16 and 20 degrees. When around the house the task of keeping baby comfortable is easier because you have everything to hand. Blankets, outfit changes – easy! You can check the temperature by feeling baby’s tummy, hands or feet, or seeing signs like fussiness or they won’t settle and resolve the problem easily.


However, fresh air is important for both baby and mum. When leaving the house try to ensure your pram has a cover, this will block any wind or bad weather from getting to baby. Add in blankets if it is a cold day and ensure their outfit is weather appropriate. A great way to keep you and baby warm is to carry baby in a baby carrier. This keeps baby warm with your body temperature and you too! Ensure that baby’s head, hands and feet are covered though as these are the places they lose heat and so they are warm all over.20180719-DSC_5545


Layer up! By dressing baby in layers or taking some out with you it is easy then to add or take away depending on how baby is feeling. Baby grows are great for putting under clothes and then dressing cute little outfits on top. When going out and about add a blanket to keep baby warm in the cold such as a cellular blanket, these are great because of their cellular construction, they can help regulate baby’s temperature.


HAT0179_2Babies lose a lot of their excess heat through their heads, so while they are around the house unless the room temperature is low, it is best to not have a hat on them. When leaving the house consider a cosy hat if it is cold or a thinner hat on a mild day such as a cotton beanie hat.


Making sure your little one is comfortable is key to keeping them happy. If you have any other ways of keeping baby warm through the cold weather, make sure to let us know!


Love, Team Ziggle x

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