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Fashion Edit: Our Summer Bibs for Boys

Summer Bib Fashion Edit_ Boys

See our summer fashion faves for boys!

Although the rain isn’t letting us feel like it right now, it’s summer! We have already brought tjust blueso you our favourite bibs for girls, and now it’s the boys turn. We have picked our favourite sets that could be perfect for your little guys, that add a bit of fun fashion to outfits while protecting them from dribble!


Our first set is our Just Blues set. From polka dots to stars, this set has it all! It’s in the name too – these bibs are decorated in gorgeous shades of blue, perfect for fashionable outfits at the seaside.


dino and starszNext up is our super cute Dino and Stars set. This set features our favourite little dinosaur and very cool stars prints. With a lovely colour palette of blues and creams you can’t go wrong with this set. If you want the full look, buy the matching sock set too, this allows you to mix and match the dino and stars style and jazz up little outfits.


Following the dinosaur theme, we have our super fun Uptown Set. This set is a pop of colourful fun and has everything you could need in it from bright stars to of course, dinosaurs!


FUN7949 (2)Next up is our gorgeous Blue and White bib set. This set is perfect if a subtle pop of colour and pattern. These bibs are designed with a soft blue colour and crisp white. Mrs Hinch loves the white with blue polka dots and has shown little Ronnie wearing it on her social media too!


Our final favourite set is our Zoom set. What little one doesn’t love rockets and cars!? This colourful quad of bibs features a variety of different fun things that add a cute and fun finishing touch to outfits.


BIb - Farty PantsWe also have a huge range of single bibs that are perfect for little lads, a lot of which you can get in the sets above! One of our favourite is our new ‘Farty Pants’ bib. This bib is guaranteed to make you laugh and put smiles on faces.


We are holding a giveaway for our Boys Summer Bib Fashion Edit; there is a chance for 5 lucky people to win a bib of their choice for their little boy! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win!


Love, Team Ziggle x

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