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First Trimester

First Trimester

Every week of your first trimester is full of excitement, whether you know about baby or not! The first trimester can also come with a lot of concerns and questions, especially for first time mums! No matter how you’re feeling, chances are, another mama has felt the same and we’re here to share their stories!

Our first mama, Sydney, shows us the roller coaster that the first trimester can be!

“I was only 4-5wks pregnant when I found out and that first 12 weeks was a real roller coaster of emotion. I wanted more than anything to enjoy being pregnant but my body had other ideas. I suffered quiet badly with morning sickness and was admitted to hospital around 8 weeks due to dehydration. Fortunately it was just an overnight stay but I remember feeling like if I couldn’t even make it to 8 weeks without, what felt like, a disaster, how would I last 9 months. However, some days were better than others and no matter how awful I felt or how sick I was, my body kept pushing on. Creating this safe space for my baby to grow. I think taking it day by day, staying as positive as possible and remembering that it would all be worth it once I was holding that little baby was what kept me going, on both the good, and the bad days.”

Sandra shows us the ups and downs of the first trimester and that it’s okay to put yourself first!

“The first trimester, the time that you can’t wait for – to be spending with your new little bundle of joy.

You lose your sleep, your hair, you try to recover from the labour experience and your emotions are all over the place. This is it.

I have loved my pregnancy, the labour & the first trimester but I would be lying if I said it was all easy. It isn’t!  I was so well prepared with the baby accessories, clothing and other gadgets but little did I know that I will be the one who needs some support. The Coronavirus pandemic and its lockdown rules has made my first trimester experience completely different to what I’ve imagined it to be. I was angry with the world yet so thankful for what I had.

I loved the night feeds, the newborn smell, these squishy cuddles, early wake ups knowing I get to do it all over again. I was also very delicate, very worried, a little disorganised as I wanted everything within reach & on demand, I was in pain and I was tearful for the first few weeks. Yet, I was so so proud. I still am.

I think I could talk about my experience endlessly, but it is definitely one of a kind. No matter how many children you have – each one of these experiences will be totally different and that’s special right?”

Finally, Irina tells us all about her first trimester!

 “Me and my hubby have been planning for a baby for a really long time. After some checks our GP confirmed, that we had no issues, we just had to try harder!

I remember we went on Holidays to Mexico, and on our return back I knew I was pregnant. My period was only a few days late, but I felt different. I felt so tired and sleepy all the time, I could literally sleep for hours. I started noticing that everything smells so strong, especially coffee which I absolutely love! One morning it smelled really strong, and I couldn’t drink it, not till the end of my pregnancy.

I finally did a pregnancy test, and it was positive, we were on cloud nine, and couldn’t wait for our first scan to confirm that everything was going well! I’ve heard of morning sickness but thankfully never experienced it. I was fit and well, just tired and sleepy all the time. During my 1st trimester I didn’t put much weight on and didn’t have many cravings.

Our 1st scan at 11 weeks went really well, I had a tiny picture of my baby and great news to share with everyone.

If you ask me, my whole pregnancy was nice and easy, I am healthy person and had absolutely no issues at all, apart from being stressed about the scans and then stressing out about these kicks to make sure baby was active enough!

I was feeling emotional all the time and cried a lot even without the reason, no one at work knew I was pregnant until that 20 weeks scan when I finally told everyone, my belly didn’t show either.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing other mama’s stories! Don’t forget to share yours over on our Instagram!


Team Ziggle x 

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