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Fun ideas for the family on bonfire night

Fun ideas for the family on bonfire night

Enjoy bonfire night with your little ones 

Here at Ziggle, bonfire night is one of our absolute favourite things to celebrate, so we have compiled a list of fun things to do to keep your bonfire night special and memorable this year.

Bonfire Night to us is cosy family time. You and your little ones get wrapped up in your coats hats and scarves and head out to your favourite bonfire to watch the magical show. 

Keep your little ones warm while on your adventures with our range of warm winter must haves such as our warm and cosy leggings, tights and super soft woolly hats with matching mittens.

Firework drawing. This is super simple and will keep your little ones entertained! All you need is black card or paper to draw on, and coloured crayons. You can draw beautiful fireworks on the black card with the crayons, the coloured wax stands out on the card and brings fireworks to your house! You can then hang the drawings up around the house and on the windows and you have created your very own fireworks display.

Fireworks in a jar! All you need is a jar, warm water, food colouring and oil! Fill the jar 3/4 of the way with warm water. Outside of the jar mix different colours of food colouring with oil and the pour them into the jar. Watch as the colourful patterns dance through the water making an amazing sensory experience for your little ones. For more information on how to make your jar fireworks click here.

It’s no secret that the food staples of bonfire night are hot dogs, burgers and hot chocolate, so create this yourself at home. They are so quick and easy to make, then you can fry some onions, get ketchup and mustard and make little tummies very happy!

Sweet Treats. Carrying on the food theme, bonfire night is all about the sweet treats too. Hot chocolates, toasty marshmallows, anything covered in Nutella. Create sweet treats for yourself and the whole family. You can buy marshmallow toasting kits, get some fruit, melt chocolate and create your very own at home chocolate fondue! You could also make your own toffee apples and decorate them. Delicious bonfire treats for the whole family.

Sparklers. Need we say anymore? If you still would like some safe excitement of fireworks, sparklers are the answer! If your little ones are really small we recommend they watch just in case. You can make fun videos, take pictures and watch the beautiful sparklers as they burn.

Go for a nice autumnal walk. Keep nicely wrapped up and before it gets dark head out for some fresh air and some walking through crunchy leaves.

We hope that our tips and tricks help keep your bonfire night fun and entertaining and you have a fun, safe day.

Let us know if you try any of our ideas or comment on our Instagram if you have any of your own suggestions!

Love, Team Ziggle x

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