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How To Swaddle a Baby?

How To Swaddle a Baby?

A Step by Step Guide to Master the Magic of Swaddling!

If you’re a new or expecting parent, you may be wondering what swaddling is or why some parents choose to turn their little ones into baby burritos. Apart from making them look super adorable, it is known to help soothe them, helping them settle down and sleep. It is believed that swaddling mimics how your little one felt in the womb, creating a calming effect. But swaddling does come with it questions, so we’re here to help!

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Is swaddling my baby safe?

Short answer, yes! It is advised to place your swaddled baby down to sleep on their back and avoid front or side positions. However, it is important to stop swaddling your baby when they show the first signs of rolling over. This is so that baby can use their hands and arms freely to adjust their head position if they roll over onto their side or front. Your little one could start learning to roll over as young as  2 to 3 months old.

how to swaddle a baby

What type of blanket should be used to swaddle a baby?

When swaddling your baby, it’s important to use a fabric that is soft, breathable and not too firm. We recommend using a cotton muslin/swaddle blanket as they are not only kind to your baby’s skin, but breathable to help prevent overheating.

How to Swaddle using a Muslin Swaddle Blanket?

Swaddling your baby can be very beneficial as long as your using the right technique!

  1. First, position your Swaddle in a diamond shape on a flat surface then fold the top corner down.

  1. Lay your little one down on their back, with their neck on the folded-down corner.
  2. Whilst gently holding their left arm against their side, pull the left corner of the swaddle across the body, tucking the extra material under their back with their right arm still out.
  3. Now fold the bottom corner up over their feet, tucking the fabric into the top of the swaddle by their shoulder. Make sure to leave room for your little one to bend their legs.
  4. Next, hold their right arm against their side and pull the right corner all the way across, wrapping it underneath. Make sure baby is still able to move their hips so they are able to move their legs freely. You should be able to fit 2-3 fingers between the swaddle and baby’s chest.

Your baby may seem to prefer one or both arms out, but if your little one is always trying to wriggle out of the swaddle, they simply might not be a fan. If this is the case, you can try alternate swaddles, such as a swaddle wrap that come with a zipper.

Can you feed a swaddled baby?

Feeding your baby whilst swaddled is not recommended as they tend to get quite hot whilst feeding, meaning there is a risk of them overheating. Research also shows that babies use their hands during feeding to help them locate the nipple, helping to promote a proper latch and encourage milk let-down.

The bottom line is that swaddling has many benefits for your baby, including comforting and calming them, but like everything, it comes with its risks. If you’re still worried, your health visitor can help you weigh out the risks and benefits and help you decide whether swaddling is right for you and your baby!

Now you have all your swaddle questions answered, you’re ready to start turning your little one into a baby burrito!


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