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Infant Travel Essentials

Infant Travel Essentials

Infant travel essentials you need this summer!

Holiday season has finally arrived, but let’s face it, holidaying with your little one is daunting! From the travel, to packing and planning there is a lot to take in, but we have you covered! We’re sharing our favourite tips, tricks and infant travel essentials to help your first holiday with your little one run smoothly.

As parents there’s so much to remember when planning your holiday and things usually get forgotten. So, we’ve put together a checklist with the most forgotten items and items parents wish they brought with them.

Black out blind

Black out blinds are perfect if you’re traveling long haul, especially if your little one is suffering from Jet Lag.

Cot sheets

It’s worth checking, but holiday accommodations rarely offer cot sheets, so it’s a good idea to bring your own. Top Tip: Ziggle swaddles can double as a Cot sheet as well as a pram cover when out and about to protect little one from the sun!

Anti-Slip Shoes

Anti-Slip shoes are a fantastic solution to keeping little ones safe at the beach and pool! They will help prevent slips and falls on wet or dry surfaces, and protect feet on hot sand!

Baby monitors

We know you’re never far from your child, especially on holiday, but baby monitors are a life saver If you’re staying in an apartment or have a balcony/veranda at your hotel. This means you can relax without constantly saying, ‘’is that the baby crying!?’ every time you hear a child!

Swim nappies Baby’s favourite blanket

A lifesaver when you want to take your baby in the pool with you to ensure there are no accidents or mishaps.

Baby’s favourite blanket

Your baby’s favourite blanket can help them feel comfortable, settled and happy during your trip.

Toys and distractions

Keeping your baby distracted and entertained for the holiday is great to avoid boredom and keep them stimulated during the flight. So make sure you pack their favourite toys.

Speaking of flights, here are our 5 top tips on flying with your little one.

Feeding your little one during take-off and landing

Feeding your little one whilst the plane is taking off and landing  will help prevent the uncomfortable ear popping.

Take little one on a walk

If your little one is awake during the plane journey, take them for a walk up and down the plane so they can take a look around and relax.

Night Flights

Night flights are good for long haul flights as they won’t disturb baby’s sleep routine.

Regular Feeds

Baby’s routine may be disturbed, regular feeding will help keep them settled and soothe them to sleep.

Pack for playtime

As mentioned above, toys and distractions are key to going on holiday with a baby. Make sure to pack a range of toys in your travel bag!

Now that you’ve finally made it to your destination, here’s our 5 top tips to help your holiday run smoothly.

Create a familiar environment

Bringing familiar items such as pillowcases and sheets will help your baby feel comfortable and settled.

Adopt a holiday routine

Routines usually go out the window when you’re on holiday, so try creating your own holiday routine so little one is able to get the required amount of sleep.

Holiday with others

Going on holiday with family members or friends with babies a similar age will help with getting in routines and having others around who can help with the baby can take the pressure away!

Pack a mixture of clothes

Packing a mixture of clothes will help you prepare for all types of weather and activities.

Just go with it

Not everything will go to plan, but that’s okay! Being out of your normal routine can overwhelm baby but don’t worry if not everything gets ticked off your bucket list, try and enjoy the quality time with your baby on holiday!

So, there you have it, our top tips on holidaying with baby! Let us know your top tips when travelling with your little one!

Love, Team Ziggle x

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