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How To Keep Baby Safe In The Sun

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See our top tips on safe fun in the sun!

Although we aren’t seeing much other than rain right now, we are hoping our hot weather is on it’s way. When the sun does hit, it is important to get outside and have some sunny fun but we understand it can be hard to know the best ways to keep your little one safe in the sun and heat. This blog post is full of our top tips to keep baby safe so they can have the most fun!


1. Suncream.

It is important that you keep baby covered and step one of this is with a high SPF suncream. NHS guidelines state that you should use a minimum SPF of 30 and to aim for the suncream that is designed specifically for babies and children as they are less likely to contain ingredients that may be harmful for little ones and more likely to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.


      2. Keep Hydrated

It can be hard to know how much is enough for little ones, especially babies who are less than 6 months. For babies who are 0-6m who are breastfeeding, you do not need to give them additional water, however they may want to feed more when it is warmer. If your baby is bottle fed then you can give them cooled down water that has been boiled in addition to their regular feeds to keep them hydrated.

Once baby is 6 months and starting to wean onto solid foods you can offer drinks along with their meals and in the warmer weather. Then from 12+ months you can start introducing frozen water or diluted juice to help little ones keep hydrated. There is also lots of nutrients and water in fruit that little ones love to snack on when it’s chopped up.


      3. Create Shade Where You Can

 When playing out in a garden it is important to create shaded areas that little ones can sit and play in to avoid direct contact with sun rays. You can get gorgeous little tents or teepees that create a fun environment. You can also create shade using sheets or blankets by hanging them on a washing line! These ideas allow your little one to sit on the grass and play without the worry of them getting sunburnt.


     4. Paddling Pools/ Water Toys

Paddling pools and playing with water is a great way to ensure that your little one keeps cooler in the sun, they’re also really fun for us adults too… Who doesn’t love a paddling pool!? They are so fun and practical for keeping little ones cool while giving them a sensory, fun experience!


      5.  Cool Clothing and Sun Cover UpsScreenshot 2020-07-06 at 13.01.41

While your little one is out in the sun or the warmer weather, try to wear thinner, lighter clothes to prevent baby from over heating. When you are playing out in the sun, especially with water, use a cover up such as our super fun hooded ponchos that allow little ones to dry off and be cool while being protected by the sun. If your little one needs a cover up like a blanket if they nap in their teepee then you can use something like a cellular blanket or even a muslin cloth to keep little one covered with a thin cover so they don’t overheat.

Some other tips to keep baby cool during the warmer temperatures are:

  • Keep baby’s room well ventilated in the day and curtains closed so the temperature stays cool ready for nap/bed time.
  • Give baby a cool bath before bed time to cool them down.
  • Get a thermometer for baby’s room so you can keep track of how hot/cool it is.
  • Keep an eye on baby’s behaviour when sleeping to see if they’re too hot, if they kick off the covers or are clammy, consider cooler pj’s or even sleeping in just a nappy.


We hope whatever sun we get this summer, you can enjoy it and our tips and tricks help you to keep your little one cooler.


As always, if you have any tips then please feel free to comment on our social media posts.


Love, Team Ziggle x

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