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Our Isolation Saviour: A Guest Post by Sparky About His 4 Month Old

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Our Isolation Saviour

Our saviour in isolation has been our four month old.

As we head into our tenth week of isolation, limited contact with the world and being a new parent, I am constantly trying to weigh up things in my head. On one side, we get to spend more time with the baby, he’s safe and protected in our house and he’s really building up stronger bonds with us both as parents. But on the flip side we’re worried he isn’t getting to spend time with his grandparents and family, he isn’t getting a chance to mix with other babies at groups and classes.


There is so much to continually deliberate. It feels non stop trying to predict all the different ways this MIGHT affect him.


But I think I worked out over the weekend.


sparky family 2 blanketWhen I went to get him out of his cot, his beaming smile, his kicking legs and the babbly sounds of his new found voice box made me realise. He isn’t affected by this at all. He has no idea what is going on. He doesn’t know this isn’t normal. He just knows he’s loved and that’s the only thing he needs to know by the end of his first year (and to sit up and potentially walk…OK there are lots of things I hope he can do.) But most importantly it’s that he feels secure and loved, right?! The job remains the same for us as parents.


Yes, it’s sad that he can’t see his grandparents and family but another bonus is that we are taking more pictures and videos to share with them. This means we’re noticing every bit of his development even more, and in years to come, we’ll have so many videos and pictures to cherish and we can look back at how FaceTime and WhatsApp helped us stay connected.Sparky resized


This time may not be ideal, but it’s given us such a great opportunity to be with our babies in a way we wouldn’t have been able to. Working from home gives us the chance to do more.  Last week I bathed my son five minutes after logging off from work. No commute to steal that time or motivation.


If you are feeling your way through these weird times with a newborn or toddler, remember when it gets difficult that you can look back on this as the time we were locked in the house OR you can look back on it as the time we got to spend and grow as a family. That’s up to you. The only thing we actually have control of in this whole situation, is how we react to it. Everything else will sort itself out I’m sure.


Stay safe, and however this pandemic is affecting you try and stay positive, that is equally as important as staying alert.



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A big thank you to our friend Sparky for guest posting on our blog! Sparky is a podcaster, radio presenter and YouTuber. You can find him on the popular podcast ‘I Secretly Recorded My Boyfriend’, Gem Radio and more recently on his Youtube Channel: DadMode100

Instagram: Sparky_fm 

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