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Make Christmas Memorable


Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special…


I don’t think there is a time of year that is more magical than Christmas. Your little ones aren’t little for long so it is so important to create those memories to cherish while you can. We wanted to create a post to inspire you with not only festive cheer, but ideas for what you can do to create memories for you and all the family to look back on as your little ones grow.

Firstly, take photos. Now, we know what you are thinking… “duh” but there is something so special in taking pictures and having them to look back on. Why not create an at-home Christmas photoshoot of your little ones. You can get lovely outfits like our Red Star Leggings, any of our Christmas Bibs or our Christmas Headbands for baby girls and set a Christmassy scene in front of your tree. You can get the whole family involved and have the photos to look back on forever. We love printing out our pictures and putting them in a photo album (I know, how old fashioned!) but there is nothing better than going through your photo albums to look back on lovely memories.

Make your own bauble – This is a beautiful memory to create. When your little one is a baby or young, you could use their handprint to make cute decorations and then each year when you put the bauble on the tree it is a gorgeous item to help you remember.emilykopjas - sprout 2

Write letters to Santa – Let’s face it, what child doesn’t love Santa! Help your kids write to Santa and then keep them so you can read them in years to come as special memories.

Scrap-booking – In a similar vein to taking photos and making a photo album, scrap book everything! It’s a good way to keep memories stashed from pictures to little items that remind you of what you have done at that time such as christmas cards, pictures and drawings your little ones have coloured and of course, letters to santa!

Baking – When I think Christmas, I think food. Gingerbread, yule log… mince pies! Pick something that you can bake with a family from when your little ones are small, and then every year you can all look forward to the special time that you bake that treat together!

What are some things you do to make your Christmas memorable? Let us know over on our Instagram!

Love, Team Ziggle x

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