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Check Out Charlotte’s Amazing Review Of Our Bibs and Socks

It’s no secret that here at Ziggle we absolutely love our bibs and socks and our hard work has paid off because a lot of lovely mums and dads do too! We know we could tell you all the benefits of them, but we would love you to hear it from a Mumma who has tried and tested them for herself! @miss_sienna_peters‘ Charlotte has written a lovely guest post after reviewing our Dino and Stars bib set and matching sock set; see what she has to say below!
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“What is not to love about this adorable Dino and Stars bib set! The prints are so cute and the colours are nice and bright. We found we could pair them with absolutely anything which made making cute outfits easy. The packaging is pretty cute too! It has a little window showing the product and a short description of what’s inside on the back so to me, this is an absolutely perfect gift for expecting mums and dads. The bibs soak up spills really well and have these adjustable popper fastenings that are secure enough for little Carter but easy for me to do-up and undo. The bib fabric is also super soft and smooth against his skin, misssiennapeters 4which is perfect because like his sister Carter has super sensitive skin.


The socks pair with the bibs so well, the choice of pattern is ideal for mixing or matching which is fun. Again the fabrics are really soft, stretchy and they stay on – so Carter can kick and wiggle his toes freely which he loves to do! Just like the bibs, the socks are super low maintenance to wash and so there is always a fresh set ready for Carter to wear.


I absolutely lovely these matching sets by @ziggleuk really can’t get enough of them!”


If you want to snap up your own bib and sock sets among anything else on our website, you can use Charlotte’s discount code: icspeters20 for 20% off!


What is your favourite bib we do? Comment on our instagram!


Love, Team Ziggle x


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