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New Baby’s First Week

Baby's First Week blog

Your baby’s journey through their first week!

The pregnancy is over and your newborn bundle of joy is earth-side for lots of cuddles and a new chapter of all your lives. Not only is baby’s arrival a huge adjustment to a parent, but also to them! Baby has gone from being cramped, cosy and warm to being able to stretch out and meet parents face to face for lots of cuddles. It’s daunting for both sides but just remember this is going to be the toughest but most special and rewarding journey you have ever been on. Read more to see the changes your baby goes through in their first week.anastasiajmcguire


Firstly, your baby will be mostly sleeping or eating. Baby’s usually need to feed every 2-4 hours, but as we know every baby is individual and may need more or less feeding that that. Other than feeding, your newborn is going to spend a lot of time sleeping! Sleeping and eating, it’s a hard life…


Baby will also be getting familiar with their new environment. They are used to the same temperature and being cramped and cosy in Mummas belly. Now they have new temperatures, touches, smells, sights and much more to get used to. It helps ensure they are always warm and at the right temperature so they are not too cold or hot. Baby will be very wriggly, stretching out all of their muscles and involuntarily grasp reflex so they can build up strength and reflexology. You can also talk to your little one in a soft voice as they will get even more used to the sound of your voice as well as the people around you. Don’t forget their brain is developing and taking in all of the new things they are learning about their new home.


Your little one’s appearance will also change! After birth they can often be swollen, or have ongoing marks or bruising from the birth method. The swelling and marks will soon begin to fade . Their umbilical chord will also start to turn black and fall off which usually happens within the first 10 days.


It’s no doubt that baby’s first week is the most nerve-racking, special week ever. Here are some things from a new Mumma that they noticed in their baby’s first week:


1) Newborn smells are heavenly. Their skin, their breath — they are all wonderful.

2) Newborns have no concept of time of day. Take advantage of when baby is sleeping and squeeze in some sleep yourself.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I already experienced a mini-meltdown when feeding/changing/burping/cuddling Hannah didn’t end hours of crying.

4) Your heart will be filled with a love greater than anything else for this tiny being.


Don’t forget to stock up on all of your newborn essentials that you can find across our website.


If you have any concerns regarding your newborn, please consult your doctor or check the NHS website  for their amazing advice.


What ever happens in baby’s first week, make sure it’s filled with lots of love and snuggles that will be cherished forever.


Love, Team Ziggle x