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Newborn Spring Essentials You Can’t Miss

New born spring essentials you can't miss

Baby Boom Bloom!

With new baby goodies appearing on the market everyday it can be quite hard knowing the difference between the essential items babies need and the goodies we can’t live without. So, we have put together a little checklist of the essential clothing and accessories you need for your newborn baby this spring!

Zip Sleep Suits

First on the list, Sleepsuits and more specifically, Zip Sleepsuits! Newborn’s sleep a lot, so it’s important to make sure that they’re not only snug as a bug but they are warm and secure too. Not only are Zip Sleepsuits perfect for your little wriggler, but for us parents too! Having a zip instead of pesky poppers will make those late-night changes a little easier, especially if your little one is extra wriggly! Here at Ziggle we have a range of gorgeous Zip Sleepsuits, from our super cute Lilybelle Sleepsuit  to our super roarsome

themillerfamily2017 blanket and zipsuit 3Uptown Dinosaur sleepsuit, because who said you can’t look super cool whilst being super cosy! If neutral is more your thing, our elephant Zip Sleepsuit set is perfect. Including a matching muslin and cotton hat, it also makes the perfect gift!

Cotton Hats

Next up is cotton hats; Cotton hats are not just a great way to make your little one’s outfit super cute but they are super practical as they have multiple benefits. Newborn baby’s have a hard time regulating their temperature, by placing a cotton hat their head, it will stop them from losing too much heat. Cotton hats are also great when it comes to covering things like cradle cap, dry skin and bald patches, but we would recommend to check your baby’s temperature before doing so as we don’t want them getting too warm! Ziggle have a beautiful range of cotton hats to choose from that are available with a matching bib for your little fashionista!

Super Absorbent Dribble Bibs

Now, let’s talk bibs! Here at Ziggle we could talk all day about the benefits of our Award-Winning Super Absorbent Dribble Bibs. Not only will the gathered neck protect your little dribbler’s outfit from being super soggy but they will also be protected from drool rash! With adjustable poppers, our bibs fit comfortably around both your newborn and toddler. With over 200 designs to choose from, you can have a bib to match every outfit for every occasion.

Jazmin and leo cosatto muslin 2


We can’t talk about baby essentials and not mention Muslins, after all they’re the best friend every parent needs! From cleaning up burps and spills to being a cosy comforter for your little one, the uses for Muslins are endless! We believe at Ziggle just because they are practical doesn’t mean that they can’t be cute and stylish too. We have a wide range of muslins to choose from including gorgeous shades of rose gold to sleek and stylish greys and beautiful blues!

Cellular Blankets

Last on the list we have Cellular Blankets! Cellular Blankets are made with cellular structure meaning there are lots of holes in them to help regulate your little one’s temperature. They work by allowing airflow so when your little one has drifted off to sleep their temperature will stay safe, as the risk of over heating is lowered! Here at Ziggle, we have a beautiful range of cellular blankets to choose from, including our blue, grey and pink trim.


And there you have it… Ziggle’s list of Newborn Baby essentials! Have we missed any out? Let us know over on our Instagram!


Love, Team Ziggle x

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