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New Mum Moments: Mothers Day Month


New Mum Moments From New Mums!

We have finally welcomed March which means Mother’s day is on it’s way! Here at Ziggle, we don’t think that one day is enough to celebrate… so we have dedicated all of March to amazing Mummas in our Mummas Own March… or MOM for short! We will be dedicating each week to a different topic. Within those weeks we will have stories from amazing Mummas friends of Ziggle and exciting content on our blog and socials. Make sure you keep an eye out for this content as we definitely have some funny stories you just don’t want to miss!

As you have probably guessed, this week is all about New Mum Moments!

This week we are celebrating all things new mum from births to first time’s. Being a new mum can be so daunting so we want to share these amazing stories with you in the hope that you can find comfort, something to relate to and of course, some giggles.

The first of our stories comes from a member of Team Ziggle’s family meaning this little guy is the newest member of TGarringtons xoxeam Ziggle! Steph has written about her first month as a family of 3 after having her beautiful baby Zack!

“I am now a month into the fabulous journey of motherhood and someone described this time to be as “hideously wonderful”, and that is an absolutely perfect description. The tough side is the recovery from birth, the sleep deprivation, mountains of nappies, lots of sicky muslins and also the fact that you now have the biggest responsibility of your life without really knowing what you are doing! But the fabulously beautiful side is every single cuddle, swooning as every noise your baby makes, watching them sleep peacefully (obviously not at night) and enjoying every moment of the newest chapter of being a family of three!”

What a lovely family they are! 💙

Next up we have…

@roman_reign_butler on Instagram who has shared her story about bringing her son home from the hospital. 

“My proudest mum moment is my bringing my first son home from hospital. He was born at 29 weeks and we spent 11 weeks in hospital. It was such a special moment in my life, something I will never forget. He’s 6 now and it’s still so fresh in my memory 😍”

@__milo.arabella.and.me__ on Instagram has also shared her story about breast feeding in public for the first time.

“I breastfed In public for the first time and I was worried then another mum approached me when I got in Asda and said I was amazing!”

Breastfeeding in public can be so daunting but Tiarna’s story can show you that you can do it!

Up next we have @thefinchfamilylife on Instagram sharing her new mum moment.

” From when Caleb my 3 year old was born, I was super worried about checking he was breathing when he was little, Since then having my other two boys, I always check them!, half hour an hour after they’ve gone to sleep and also when me and my partner go sleep we check them again! If we wake up through the night, check their breathing again🙈 Its kind of become habit since having children! And we will probably be checking and checking until they are adults! Haha”


We know becoming a new mum can be a daunting time, but there is no right way to do it and we hope that these stories can help whether you are becoming a new mum or have recently become one!

Have you got a new mum moment you’d like to share? Head over to out Instagram and let us know your favourite new mum moment!


Team Ziggle x

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