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Pancake Recipes Perfect for Little Ones

Pancake Recipes Perfect for Little Ones

Easy-peasy Pancake recipes  for your little ones

Who DOESN’T love Pancake Day? It’s a special day where everyone can get involved! You can put on or in your pancakes whatever tickles your fancy, from the healthy to the super-chocolate-ey. Even if you can’t find a topping to your taste they are super fun to make, so you can be the chef and have a Pancake-Flipping Competition!


Pancakes can be made in hundreds of different ways with simple recipes to the simply obscure. We thought that we would share with you our favourites that have been tried and tested by us, so you know they can be trusted! As long as your little one is okay with finger food, pancakes are actually a great food for babies to wean with.


When I was little, my mum took Pancake Day very seriously; we would not only have pancakes for pudding, but as our main meal. Don’t worry – it wasn’t a sugar overload, she made the best savoury pancakes and that’s a tradition I have carried on to this day! The ingredients are simple and similar of a Spag Bol without the Spag. It’s an easy recipe that is great for little ones who are weaning or love flavoursome food! We are old fashioned in my house so I have taken a picture from the cookbook (I’m pretty sure is older than me) for you to all follow and change to best suit you and your little ones.


pancake recipe


For the more traditional sweet side of Pancake Day, our favourite style of Pancakes is proper thick American style. They are great for cooking toppings into like banana or blueberries and are great as a finger food for babies as well as being super tasty! I have found the best recipe to follow is the BBC Good Food recipe. It’s super simple and makes enough to feed everyone!



200g self-raising flour

1.5 tsp baking powder

1tbsp golden caster sugar

3 large eggs

25g melted butter

200ml milk

The method is super simple, add all of your dry ingredients into one bowl and then create a well in the centre to add your eggs and melted butter and whisk together. Then melt some butter or heat oil into a pan and add batter in to the size you would like. I like to add fruit such as banana, raspberries or blueberries into the pancakes while they are cooking which leaves them lovely and flavoursome! Finish by cooling and cutting into pieces for your little one to enjoy as finger food if they are little or add toppings and watch happy faces if they are a bit older!healthylittlefoodies pancake stack


Finding tasty pancakes for little ones who are weaning or have allergies can be really difficult. Team Ziggle UK has found one we love and it is as simple as a banana and two eggs. This means these pancakes are dairy free, gluten free and only contain natural sugars. All you have to do is mash a banana, add two eggs and whisk together then you add oil to a pan and make the pancakes to your preferred size. Ensure the pancake is cooked properly on one side before flipping; this should take around 2 minutes. We found this amazing recipe from Healthy Little Foodies.


As far as toppings go, you know you and your little ones best, just ensure if your little one is still very small that the toppings are not choking hazards. We love any fruit on ours and they are easy to mush up to add flavour to little ones’ pancakes. You also can’t go wrong with the classics of chocolate sauce or lemon and sugar.

Don’t forget to keep your little one (and kitchen floor) squeaky clean with our range of Cosatto Feeding bibs! 


We hope you have a lovely Pancake Day. Let us know any recipes you have and send pictures if you try any of the pancakes in this post or have one of our bibs!


Love, Team Ziggle x

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