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Parents experiences coming out of lockdown

coming out of lockdown blog post

How Parents Really Feel Coming Out Of Lockdown!

Coming out of lockdown has caused so many mixed emotions, especially for parents! The excitement of finally being able to go on mini adventures with your little one to the anxiety of having to leave your little one to go back to work, but no matter what you are feeling you are not alone!

We have asked parents to share their thoughts and feelings during this time and how they have coped throughout the pandemic!

First up @theamazingadventuresofadagrace…

“After spending almost all of Ada-Grace’s life, shielding in lockdown (as due to her having Down Syndrome she was initially considered as clinically vulnerable) I was incredibly apprehensive and anxious about the easing of restrictions, and still am. Although, as a single mum, I’ve missed having the close contact of family members, especially Ada-Grace’s grandparents 💖 luckily, we were able to form a support bubble towards the end of lockdown, which made a huge difference to us! I am looking forward to being able to safely take Ada-Grace to experience some of those important “firsts” we have missed out on during her very first year. So far we have enjoyed her first trip to the swimming pool, which she absolutely loved! We have also recently enjoyed her first experience at the zoo! Luckily we are planning lots of summer outdoor activities to try and avoid too many crowded places, and are making plans for her first trip to the farm over the next couple of weeks 🥰

Ada-Grace will also be starting nursery in September, which again I’m feeling a little nervous about, but I’m sure it will be fantastic for her to have some playmates after spending so long not being able to interact with other little ones! Mostly, I’m just looking forward to a little more freedom to spend some ever important and much needed quality family time together with my little ray of sunshine!adagrace blog

Next up we have @mamaof_2preciousgirls…

I’m Shannon, mum of 2! Elsie who is 5 and Olive who is 8 months (my little lockdown baby). I’m going to open up a little about my experience of being pregnant and giving birth during lockdown in 2020. Well, what a past year it has been for everyone right!? I’ll start from the beginning. March 2020, we had just moved into our new house, when 2 weeks later we found out we were expecting. Amazing! We were so over the moon to be having a baby together and to give Elsie a sibling. Fast forward 2 weeks..Coronavirus hits the UK. What does this mean for us? How will this effect the pregnancy? Then we said okay, it will only be for 2 weeks and then we’ll all be okay… boy how wrong we all were.

We quickly accepted that this is here to stay. I remember feeling so hurt that the excitement of a new baby was taken over by this extreme anxiety of what will happen, what will this mean for us. Our 12 week scan rapidly approached, and then we got the news. No partners to be allowed into scans☹️ We were absolutely heartbroken, this was my partners first baby, and potentially our last. For him to miss out on the scan was upsetting, and for me to go in alone to the most important scan was awful. I remember him walking me to the hospital doors and in I went. I was incredibly nervous to be going in alone, crazy how we took these little things for granted before.

The scan went well, there was our little bean on the screen all happy and healthy💗 As the pregnancy went on we was in and out of lockdowns. It was incredibly hard, I felt so alone, this was not how I imagined this pregnancy to go. Appointments were lonely, I even had many less appointments due to covid, this increased my anxiety that was already very prominent. It was a really difficult time and truthfully if I knew this was going to happen I would not of tried when we did.

However we made it! Thankfully Olive was born in November when restrictions were relatively relaxed, compared to the full blown lockdown we had earlier in the year. I was induced 4 days after my due date and was seriously lucky that my partner was actually allowed with me the whole time! Thank god I didn’t have to wear a mask in labour because I honestly don’t think I would of coped😂 However, my partner did have to wear one. All of the midwives were so so friendly, especially kind due to circumstances which was amazing. I’m forever grateful to that amazing team that delivered our little Olive🥰

This was the tough in lockdown as a mum with a newborn. It was lonely, it was hard work, I longed for my family to come and visit the new addition to the family. Stan’s family longed to visit the new baby in their family too, their first grandchild! We passed the time with lots of walks and exploring our local area. We struggled, but you know what..we got through it👏🏻

The consequences of lockdown however is that coming out of it Olive was around 6 months and was super shy. She probably didn’t realise other people existed!😂 Her face when she met another baby for the first time…priceless! Now she’s 8 months old, we are out of restrictions and we are loving life. We have loved going on family days out to the aquarium, the zoo and most importantly seeing family members! I’m happy to report that Olive is no longer super shy too, she’s loving meeting new faces and sharing her gummy smile around😍 Thanks for much for reading my experience of being pregnant and having a baby in lockdown, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experience💜


Mamaof_2_preciousgirls blog


We hope you have enjoyed reading other parents’ experiences with coming out of lockdown!

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