Umbrellas and Raincoats

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Raincoats and Umbrellas

Sometimes it can be a struggle getting your little ones to wear their coats and keep dry… We have felt the struggle and now solved it! We have a line of innovative, waterproof, colour changing raincoats and umbrellas. Your little ones will love these and want to get their coats on to play in the rain in no time!

Our raincoats come in 3 different super cool colours. There is also a choice of different character designs from unicorns to wales! That’s not the only cool part though… when they get wet, they change colour! Watch your little ones be amazed when the rain hits and the fun characters start to change colour! Our coats come in sizes 2-4, 4-6 and 6-8.

Our umbrellas do the same thing! Buy both to complete the full look.

Your little ones will be eager to put their coats on and keep dry in the rain with our raincoats and umbrellas.