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Staycation Must Haves

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2020 is the year of the Staycation… these are our must haves!

It’s no secret that this year has not gone how a lot of us had originally planned, which means lots of cancelled holidays! Although you can venture abroad to some countries now, it might just not be your cup of tea at this time. With that being said, there are lots of gorgeous places in the UK or where you are from that you can have a ‘staycation’ at. Whether it be to Wales, the Lake District, Cornwall or any of the other idyllic places in the UK you head to this year, (or if you fancy staying home) you can make it just like your ideal abroad destination with these must haves. All of the below suggestions are things that you can do at home or things that you can take with you to your destination seeing as you don’t have to worry about the suitcase weight limit!


sprinklersWater play – Firstly, you absolutely can not go wrong with a paddling pool , sea or swimming pool and there are lots of affordable options that you can set up at home or take with you to your destination. It is perfect for keeping little ones (and adults) cooler in the hotter weather and are so fun. You can also get smaller items such as inflatable water cushions that act as little fountains little ones to play and cool down in. You can also get fun and sensory water toys to keep your little ones entertained and in the summer spirit for hours such as water squirts, pool floats and our fave – water slides! Make sure you keep an extra eye on your little ones around water just to be extra safe.


Sand pit fun! Sand pits are fantastic and educational toys for little ones and are a great way for little ones to get stuck in! Yes they are messy, but that’s all part of the fun. Recreate the beach with your little ones by filling up your sandpit and getting the classic beach toys like bucket and spade or sand moulds. If you didn’t want to purchase the whole pit, or wanted a portable option to take to your destination, you can buy a smaller tub, blend up biscuits and fill the tub with the biscuit crumbs; this not only gives a smaller option but also gives edible sand, so you don’t have to worry if your little one gets their hands dirty and then puts that hand in their mouth… which they will.sandpit


Camping Gear – whether it’s for actually going camping or playing in the garden, camping gear is a great Staycation idea. Not only is it fun to pretend in your garden to camp, you can use it as a sun shelter and a play area in your garden during the days. Feel as though you are on your holiday when you’re actually camping in your garden! Get all the home comforts and baby essentials from… well right inside your house. All the fun of a holiday with your little ones with none of the packing… winner!


Your Favourite Holiday Food – It may not be the holiday food you had hoped for but it can taste just as good! Why not look up the food of the destination you would have gone to, or would love to go to and recreate it for you and your family at home. Seafood, Tacos or a good old BBQ, you will keep smiles on little faces and full tummy’s happy with a holiday feast while expanding little palettes with new exciting flavours! If you are travelling to a closer destination, now some restaurants are open you can get in there and experience the local food choices, yum!


Lots of Toys – With schools off and the children who are back in school stopping soon for the six weeks holiday, you need lots to entertain your little ones. For little ones try to get lots of sensory toys such as water pillows or sensory boards and then for older babies try to get lots of books and games that you can play with each other, what holiday is complete without a board game? These will keep your little ones entertained and bring the lovely holiday family spirit.

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We hope that you all have a lovely summer whether it be abroad, within your country or in your own back garden. The Summer will be what you make of it and we hope that you all have a lovely time.


Please comment your staycation essentials if you have any suggestions on our social media posts.


Here’s to summer, Love, Team Ziggle x


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