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Teething: Teething Must Haves

Teething can be tough, check out our teething must haves!

Teething is a long, tough and can be painful process, but is also incredibly rewarding! As parents, all you want to do for your little one is help them get through their tooth-peg pain!  There are so many different products on the market that can help so we wanted to share some of our must haves with you. 



Teething babies want to get their little mouths chomping on just about everything. From traditional keyring teether rattles to baby-friendly jewellery, there’s a vast array of teethers available to soothe both baby and parents angst!


We love teethers that you can put in the fridge or freezer, these can really help the pain for little ones as the cool temperature can really soothe tender gums. With these types of teethers though it is important to not have them in the freezer for too long as that can make them too hard or cold for baby.

Key product features to look out for:

  • Textured surfaces to massage gums
  • Hard & soft surfaces for chewing on
  • Channel for holding teething gels
  • Water-filled chamber can be cooled in the fridge and used to soothe tender gums
  • Designs for different teething stages: first teeth, front molars then back molars
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • BPA free, PVC and Phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fridge vs freezer cooling recommendations
  • Ring lock designs to prevent parts falling off and becoming choking hazards


Teether toys


There are many teething toys on the market, allowing baby to have access to these will be perfect for them to gnaw on, relieving pain and also will entertain and teach them at the same time.  Toys can feature different colours, sounds and movement such as rattles, beads, crinkles and mirrors. These all help distract baby from teething pains and help stimulate baby’s interest and development. Most teething toys shouldn’t be dunked in water to clean them, instead wipe down with a wet cloth.






Drooling HelpFUN0249_1

It is no secret at all that teething makes babies extra dribbly! This can cause rashes around baby’s mouth so it is important to regularly wipe their faces to prevent this, we recommend always having some wipes or a muslin cloth close to help keep baby dry, barrier creams like Sudocrem also work really well to prevent and soothe rashes.

Babies can get uncomfortable or irritated when their clothes become wet, wearing bibs can prevent this! It is important that bibs are super soft, comfortable to wear and of course, absorbent! We have a lovely range of bibs that parents love and with our bib bundle discount on you can pick up a great bargain today!



You can give your baby paracetamol from two months and ibroprofen from three months but whichever brand you choose, make sure it is suitable for babies.
Paracetamol is best for relieving mild to moderate discomfort before a tooth comes through. When baby is actually cutting a tooth, ibroprofen is more effective as it helps reduce inflammation. Always give the recommended dosage and check with your doctor if you’re not sure.



Teething granules contain a natural pain reliever to ease discomfort and easily dissolve in your baby’s mouth. This will offer a release of pain for them and hopefully make the teething process more comfortable for them!


Topical gel

Teething gels can help ease discomfort as they contain a small dose of antiseptic which will help numb little gums, but make sure you use one that is suitable for babies.


The best thing though? Lots of snuggles and love is the best thing. We hope our teething must haves help your little one through their teething journey! If you have any other must haves you swear by let us know on our instagram post!

Love, Team Ziggle x