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Teething: How Do Baby’s Teeth Come Through?

Teething_ How Do Baby's Teeth Come Through_

If your little one is in the teething process we have some useful info about what you can expect!

For baby, teething is not always an easy journey. It can be a difficult and painful process for baby and for mums and dads watching their little one in pain.


When they first begin to get their first teeth, baby may not experience any problems at all but it is useful to keep an eye out for these signs:


  • Swollen Gums
  • Sore and red gums where the tooth will cut through.
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Rubbing their ears.
  • Baby is dribbling more than usual.
  • Baby wants to chew and gnaw on things more.

Babies usually start teething around the 6 month mark, however it is not uncommon for the process to start any time between 4 and 10 months. Not all babies teethe at the same time, some are born with teeth, whilst others don’t cut their first tooth until after their first birthday. Often though, girls’ teeth appear sooner than boys’ teeth. Don’t worry or compare your little one to others as every lovely little one will have different teething journeys.


One common factor of all babies teething journeys is the order those little toothy-pegs come in. Although this is a painful process for little one, it’s a rewarding one! Teeth usually come through from the front teeth to the back.



Usually, the first tooth to cut through is one of the central bottom incisors, which makes for many cute pictures! Followed by the other central incisors both bottom and top.

Next to come through would be the lateral incisors – the smile is starting to grow!


Then it’s the first molars and the canines that arrive and finally the second molars appear.


It is a long process but so rewarding and your baby should have their full set of milk teeth above when they are two and a half years old.


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