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The Benefit of Cotton Hats for Newborns

The Benefits of Cotton Hats

See the benefits of cotton hats and shop our range today!


Cotton hats are part of the newborn uniform we have come to all know and love. They are super cute and fashionable, but the benefits aren’t just in the visual aesthetic, they are practical too! We have a range of gorgeous 100% cotton knotted hats that have matching bibs that are perfect for little ones whether it be your own or a gift!


So why are cotton hats so important for newborns?

When babies are born, they have a hard time regulating their temperature. They have just been cosy and warm inside for 9 months and are now in the big wide world and it can take their little bodies some time to get the hang of being the right temperature. As babies expend a lot of heat from their heads, placing a hat on prevents them from losing too much heat. When in hospital, the medical staff will often recommend popping a cotton hat on the baby as soon as possible however some people like to allow time for skin to skin contact for a short while first as it can be beneficial for both mother and baby. Once that moment has passed it is important to pop the hat on baby so they can keep warm enough. Cotton hats are a hospital bag essential but they don’t have to be plain – we have a wide range of colourful funky prints so your little one can look even more cute while being cosy. The better quality the hat, the better as you don’t want to irritate baby’s very delicate skin.


When you are home from the hospital, for the first few months of baby’s life you may want to keep the cotton hats close as they can be a great, safe way of keeping baby warm and of course they’re super cute. They are also handy and a quick way of being able to help baby warm up. When you venture out and about it may be a good idea to pop a hat on baby especially if it is cooler outside, or pack one in your bag just in case and pop it on baby when you are in cooler surroundings to ensure they’re nice and cosy.


When you are inside, baby does not need a hat on all the time, but if a room is around 16 degrees or less, baby may need help just keeping warm so they’re a great way to aid them. If you are ever unsure if baby is cold or to put a hat on you can check their temperature by feeling their hands; if the hands are cold it’s a good indication to pop baby’s cotton hat on. It is important however to make sure baby never sleeps in their cotton hat. Baby’s body generates more warmth when they are asleep and cotton hats stop baby losing heat on their head. If they were to wear a hat in their sleep it raises the chances of little one over heating.


Cotton hats also can be worn to cover things such as cradle cap, dry skin or bald patches, however we recommend if you are doing this to check that baby’s temperature is okay and they don’t get too hot. Not only this, but cotton hats have also been known to have a soothing effect on babies and provide a comfort to them with the warmth and soft hat.


We have expanded our gorgeous range of 100% cotton hats and they now include a brand new Blue With White Stars. All of our cotton hats have a matching bib for your little one to get the full, coordinated look. Cotton hats are a hospital bag must have and we have a selection of funky, colourful prints – shop the full range today!

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Above is our brand new Blue with White Stars cotton hat and bib. For your chance to not only the hat and bib co-ord but also our Cellular Blanket With Blue Trim, Zebra Comforter and Blues Muslins in our ultimate New Baby Boy Bundle giveaway, head over to our Facebook or Instagram to enter!


Love, Team Ziggle x

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