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The Blog Is Back!

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We are back!


Introducing Ziggle’s brand new blog! For those who have been Ziggle fans for a while, you will know that we used to run a blog on our website. As the business developed over the years the blog got shown a bit less love so we could focus attention elsewhere in the business that needed the love more. Now we have an expanded team and lots of love to go around so we are back!


Our blog is going to be a place where parents can come and chat with us, not only about our products but about the wonderful world of parenting too! We are going to be creating lots of different posts weekly from informative posts, story times and of course, the occasional post about our Ziggle goodies.


A lot of team Ziggle are parents so understand the struggles, the googling questions and praying for an easy answer and importantly, what it is to be a parent. We will be posting weekly on Tuesdays along with an instagram post where we hope to have discussions and fellow parents can share their experiences on the topic.


We hope you are all as excited as we are and we can’t wait to see you next week for Ziggle’s first blog post!

Team Ziggle x

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