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Top Uses for Muslins

Top Uses for Muslins

They might not be what you think…

Muslins, we love them. They are one of our ultimate newborn essentials we can’t get enough of! They are so useful and not necessarily for what you might think! We recently launched a survey for you lovely lot to take part in because we wanted to see how much you guys use and love muslins and see what you use them for! Let’s get into it.

Our survey showed that you guys love muslins as much as we do because over 75% of you said that you use them EVERY DAY! We can’t blame you really, as Mummas we know how useful they are, but what do you use them for?

The most common use for muslins is of course using them as a burp cloth. They provide a soft surface for baby to rest their head and also of course protects parent’s outfits from any spit up or dribble that may happen in the burping process.IMG_8472

The second most popular use was a bib when feeding a baby. We have definitely done this before. When you can’t find a bib or your are out and about and forgot one, muslins are super useful to help keep little ones clean and outfits free from food and dribble.

Thirdly, we have cleaning up spills and mess. Yes muslins can be beautiful but they’re not afraid of getting dirty to help clean up messes and spills. They are quick and easy to grab and save the day for spills, not just for burping.

Next up we have a cover while breastfeeding. This is a very common use for muslins as it offers privacy for mum while breastfeeding while out and about if that is what she prefers. It can also help soothe baby while feeding cuddled up in a swaddle.

Little ones dribble, we all know it. Lots of you said they keep their muslins handy to stop dribble getting on little outfits or down onto their neck where it may irritate baby’s skin. Muslins save the day!

The last main reason is as a comforter blanket. Muslins get softer and fluffier with every wash and are just so nice for babies to feel and cuddle too. We regularly hear of older children still enjoying their them as a bedtime comforter to get to sleep.

Thats not it though, you also said you use muslins for swaddling, as a changing mat, pram covers or as a car seat/ pram liner!

Some of the funnier uses we have seen is emergency sun hat when a Mumma forgot to take one so she made one out of a muslin she had with her. However, the one that takes the biscuit for us is when a friend of Ziggle told us she had ran out of nappies so researched how to make one out of a muslin cloth and she soon had baby’s bum wrapped up safely in a nappy made from a muslin cloth!

There we go, muslins may come in much handier than you originally anticipated which is why they are one of our ultimate essentials!

We have a wide range muslins here at Ziggle including our brand new Rose Gold Muslins set!

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girl bundle

Good luck!

Love, Team Ziggle x

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