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Our Top Tips For Getting Back Into A Routine

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Get Back Into Your Routine This New Year!

The New Year has hit and 2021 is in full swing which means it’s time to try and get back to some sort of normal life. The little ones are going back to school, people are returning to work and the Christmas festivities are over. (It’s not all as depressing as that sounds though, I promise). Getting back into a routine can be difficult especially after Christmas but we are here to help! We have compiled our best tips of getting back into a routine from our own experience as mummas!


Let’s start with bedtime. Bedtime is not an easy time for many parents with their little ones. Over Christmas, the times your little one can go to bed may fluctuate so when it comes to getting it back on track a good tip we have is starting by moving the time they go to bed earlier each day until it gets back to their usual bed time. This could be anything from 10 minutes per day to half an hour, whatever you think is best for your little one. The gradual chance will make it easier for both baby and you to get used to instead of jumping in at the deep end. DSC_0398


Another tip for bedtime is setting time to wind down and calm before bed. This could start with bath time then pampering little one with nice creams then reading a story or doing a calming activity. Reducing screen time is really helpful especially before bed so your little one doesn’t get too stimulated before trying to fall asleep. Getting snuggly is a must for calming times before bed, one of our super soft blankets are perfect and will definitely do the trick!


Now for in the day – Routines can be hard to stick to, especially when you have a smaller baby. A good tip is to create a family schedule for people to aim to stick to. Plan out set meal times for those who are on solid food and not the milk and plan activities between these times. You can get nifty chalk boards or white board posters to stick on your wall for the whole family to see. You can also use these as an indicator for school days, and planning holidays so your children know when things are happening.


max.lyla.and.i headband 10Reminders – Very similarly to the chalk board idea, but talking to your little ones and reminding them that things are coming up such as back to school. You can use prompts like ‘school on Monday’, ‘Bed time at 7 tonight’ as reminders so the children have it in their minds and aren’t surprised when these changes happen!


Plan activities for when they would be in school to keep the active routine. This keeps them active in the hours they usually would be for school or nursery and tires them out for bed time. It’s an all round win!


Do you have any tips for getting back into the swing of things? Let us all know by commenting on our instagram post!


Good luck for back to nursery/school!

Love, Team Ziggle x

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