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Travelling With A Toddler: A Guest Post By montessoriplaying

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mpNothing beats the feeling of waking up in a city that I’ve never explored, the warm air mixed with kerosene as I step off the aeroplane or that much anticipated cocktail or dish served in a familiar travel spot. I’ve been fortunate enough to explore many idyllic parts of the world, from the cool- blue waters of Austria to the dusky deserts of Cairo and much in between. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I maintained that travel was something I would continue to do as what could be more educational for a child than experiencing different settings, cultures, smells, tastes and sounds? By the time Stella was 10 months old, she had caught over 20 flights, several trains and a few longer car journeys and visited a variety of locations such as Edinburgh, Stirling, London, the Lake District, Malaga, Mallorca, Marbella, Calais and Madeira. I felt like I was nailing the travelling mama life, then Covid-19 came along and threw our plans into disarray.


After several cancelled flights, it does appear that we will make it out to our home from home in Northern Mallorca in the next few days, yet suddenly I feel so anxious! I’ve compiled a list of travelling tips that I’ve picked up while travelling with an infant and hope that by writing them down I put my own mind at ease!

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1. Make sure you and your child is as comfortable as possible when travelling. Flights can get arm-numbing, sticky and tedious (especially with a toddler) I’ve accepted that my days of planning an ‘airport outfit’ are long gone… I will wear leggings, a tshirt and comfortable shoes and Stella will be in her Ziggle leggings with a tshirt and jumper in case she gets cool during the flight.


2. Pack some familiar toys/ comforters. Infants love routine and familiarity, but this is no reason to be put off from travelling. I always make sure that Stella has a selection of her favourite toys. Yes they’re a pain to lug overseas but it’s 100% worth the effort.


3. Download their favourite shows. I’m quite reserved when it comes to screen time and although Stella has an Amazon kids kindle, she gets very restricted access to it. That said, I’ll never underestimate the power of those Little Baby Bum cartoons when it comes to soothing her! I use volume controlled kids earphones out of respect to fellow passengers.


montessoriplaying - eunice poncho 44. Protect your child from sun damage. This is an obvious one, but I’ve always been so worried about Stella getting burned. That’s why I’ve packed my Ziggle poncho towel, not only is it practical for throwing in the pram and taking to the beach, but it also blocks harmful UV rays. I love that this towel is SPF 50 so provided a high level of sun protection while covering Stella’s private parts during changes on the beach! Plus she adores the unicorn design. I also tend to use a sun canopy over the pram, UV swimming suits, and minimise Stella being in direct sunlight between 12-4pm. I travel with an inflatable paddling pool & canopy that I can fill with water/ toys and sit on the balcony in order to offer Stella the opportunity to cool down, shade and stimulation.


5. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Toddlers are hard, travelling is tough, combine the two and there are bound to be ‘argh’ moments. I can remember walking from pharmacy to pharmacy in rural Malaga desperately trying to find formula milk in the brand Stella was used to (we’d taken 70 bottles and power, but our trip was 5 weeks long and she was extra hungry/ thirsty in the heat). I felt like the worst mum ever in that moment, yet looking back in those weeks Stella swam in the pool every day, experienced some of her first foods and had her chubby thought squeezed by so many locals. The absolute best we can give out children are happy memories and despite the tough days travelling memories last a lifetime.montessoriplaying - eunice poncho


Thank you so much to the wonderful @montessoriplaying for featuring on our blog post. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!  In alignment with this blog post we are running a giveaway on our Instagram where you can win your very own hooded poncho! You can choose from either Marley Monkey or Eunice Unicorn (as modelled by montessoriplaying). Entries close on the 2nd August at midnight. Good luck!


Love, Team Ziggle and @montessoriplaying x

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