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World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week

Read our stories from some amazing Mamas!

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and we want to celebrate! Breastfeeding is an amazing thing to do for you and your child, but it’s not always an easy journey for Mummas. We wanted to raise awareness and spread positivity about breastfeeding with this blog post by asking some friends of Ziggle to contribute stories about their breastfeeding journeys.


Kicking off the stories is our friend Megan (life_with_the_austins). Megan has breastfed all three of her lovely little ones and is also a qualified breastfeeding support peer! Read all about the beginning of her breastfeeding journey with her youngest, Dawson.


“Third journey, yet so different…life with the austins

Mine and Dawson’s breastfeeding journey wasn’t how I’d imagined it would be. With my other two children, yes, we had rocky starts but then had a very happy breastfeeding journey. I had fed both of them well into toddlerhood or until they self-weaned. It’s always been my happy place.

life_with_the_austins instaDawson made an early entrance into the world at 36 weeks. He was born very poorly, unable to latch very well and didn’t have the energy to feed so he had to be tube fed until he was stronger. This meant I was expressing around the clock to bring my milk in and build my supply up. I found this extremely hard to deal with not having him close not being able to feed him myself worrying every time I expressed “would this be enough?” and I worried that I wouldn’t bond with him. As he got stronger, we began to teach him how to latch how to feed efficiently to get enough milk. It was a long road but I’m very pleased to say we did it! I couldn’t be prouder of how far he has come. We’re now 4 months in and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Never forget that every journey is different like every baby so if you had a hard time the first time doesn’t mean you won’t the next time or vice a versa, be ready. Knowledge is key!”

Next up, the lovely Dream1ncolour has written about her breastfeeding journey with her second child Ashton, compared to her first born, Autumn.

dream1ncolour breastfeeding“For me breastfeeding isn’t done thing that came naturally, I envisioned being all Mother Nature and it just working without a hitch. Boy was I wrong. With Autumn my journey was massively different to how it was with Ashton. I had less support with Autumn and ended up combo feeding early on and switching to formula completely by 6 months. With Ashton I was determined to keep going, the first week was really rocky. I thought I had a handle on it and then he had to go to hospital with Jaundice, the stress caused bad latching and cracked nipples and lots of tears.

I cried when he had that bottle of formula. When we got home, I looked into donor breast milk and that was the best option for us if he ever needed to be topped up. Through sleepless nights and cluster feeding we finally cracked it and he less and less top ups. I managed to get mastitis when he was 8 months old, it quickly turned to sepsis and I had to have an 8-day hospital stay, when through that I continued to nurse and pump.

It wasn’t all roses, but I had so much more support and got more knowledge the second time. We are still feeding 22 months on and I don’t see him stopping yet.”


Next up is @raising_little_kings sharing her breast feeding journey with her gorgeous son, Elijah!

“My breastfeeding journey so far…

raising_little_kingsI knew when I fell pregnant with Elijah that this time around I 100% wanted to breastfeed, I tried breastfeeding with Reign but unfortunately that got cut short within a matter of weeks due to her CMPA so we popped her onto formula.

This time around it all came so naturally from the moment he was born he latched on without a problem at all and my liquid gold was working its magic as by his first check-up he hadn’t even dropped below his birth weight (as most babies do) he had actually gone over his birth weight! Pure magic! One very happy mama!

Unfortunately, by his next check-up he hadn’t gained anymore weight making myself and the health visitor a little concerned whether he was getting enough milk and suggesting maybe including a bottle of formula before bed. At this point I felt as though I was failing him as my body wasn’t giving him what he needed.

As the weeks went on, I felt more and more guilty and constantly thought about giving up and putting him straight onto formula worried about his neck check-up in case he hadn’t put on enough weight.

Next check-up and oh how shocked the health visitor was! He had put on so much weight she couldn’t believe it! YESS!! one very proud mama my baby was thriving all because of my milk! 5 months on and we are still exclusively breastfeeding, and Elijah is a little chunk! ??”


@hispotogirl tells all about her first experience of breastfeeding and the ups and downs of her breastfeeding journey.Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 16.14.43

“My Rainbow Baby was just 30 minutes earth-side when I first nursed him. I was so excited at how natural it felt, I thought “How hard can this be?!” The days to follow I realised it can be just that, hard! Very hard. I realised he had started a bad latch over the course of a few days, and I could feel the side effects of a bad latch – ouch! I had to take back all the things I thought about breastfeeding because it was nothing like I had imagined. It was both beautiful and painful the first several weeks. The only thing that kept me going through the hard feedings was the bond and benefits I was giving to my baby. We pressed on and we are now 150 days EBF, (as of today he has yet to take a bottle and prefers his milk on tap ?) I hope for another 150+ days of continued bond and benefits. Breastfeeding will be one of, if not my greatest accomplishment ?? To all the mamas struggling today, It sucks at times, literally, I hope you know how amazing you are for continuing on!”


The lovely Lanette is still going strong and breastfeeding her little one still at 18 months old!


Thank you so much to our wonderful Ziggle friends who have shared their experiences with breastfeeding. The above posts just show that no two breastfeeding journeys are the same! The important thing is to do what is best for you and baby and not compare yourself to others.


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Love, Team Ziggle x

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